Annual viewing report

Objective information is critical for the UK’s television and advertising industry. Each year, £7bn is spent by broadcasters, marketers and agencies on the production and distribution of programme and commercial content. BARB provides a currency that is trusted to assess the return on this investment.

BARB can do this because we are owned by the industry that we provide services to. We deliver a Joint Industry Currency, which is rightly known as the gold standard.

BARB has been the official source of television figures in the UK since 1981. We constantly develop our measurement techniques in order to deal with fragmentation. We do so with rigour and vigilance, so that our data continue to meet the quality levels expected of BARB.

The Viewing Report brings to life the latest insights from BARB. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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The Viewing Report – May 2015
The Viewing Report – November 2013