BARB for students

Television viewing figures are often useful in assignments, dissertations, academic articles and similar documents. Students are permitted to include in their work the data featured on this website, but the information should not be used in any wider publication without a BARB subscription. If you wish to publish detailed data, or run more complex analyses, please see how to subscribe.

The Viewing data section of this site offers a number of ways to access television audience figures. Both historical data and the latest audience figures are available as weekly and monthly viewing summaries, based on the Individuals aged 4+ audience category. There are also top 10 and top 30 weekly programmes lists, quarterly channel reach reports and various trend graphs.

The TV facts section in Resources contains longer-term annual trends in television viewing and the television environment.

TV since 1981 provides a broader overview of key events in television since BARB’s foundation, including annual Top 10 programmes and the changing list of reported channels. If you require data that are not available in any of the above sections it will be necessary to subscribe to BARB. Small volumes of data intended for internal use may be given through an end user licence – limited usage.

Other resources

How we do what we do explains how the television measurement service actually works.

Glossary defines the terms used in television audience measurement and in the wider television and advertising industries.

FAQ offers answers to a wide range of questions regarding the BARB service and television advertising marketplace.