Establishment survey

To ensure that the BARB panel properly represents the UK population, a range of data on the characteristics of television households are needed. These are derived from the establishment survey, a continuous survey involving approximately 53,000 household interviews a year, carried out, on behalf of BARB, by Ipsos MORI. The survey enables changes in the structure of the population to be reflected in the data that BARB produces.

Establishment survey data is used continuously in the operation of the panel. Results from the survey are summarised in annual reports providing demographic information and data on television ownership for BBC and ITV/Channel 4 areas. The Network report is published quarterly.

Aside from these reports, the establishment survey results are available to BARB users and BARB registered data processing bureaux in a data file. This allows a more flexible analysis, as well as more frequent reporting. Data is issued on a quarterly basis, with reporting possible for quarterly, annual or two-year time periods. If you are interested in accessing the data files, please contact BARB on 020 7024 8100.

For more background information about the establishment survey, please see How we do what we do.

The latest establishment survey reports and questionnaire are available below in Excel format to download with archive pdf reports in the folders. To access the reports click onto the report title. Quarterly and Annual Network reports for the same report period may differ due to different sample base sizes. Annual reports are based on the last 12 month establishment survey sample compared to 3 months for quarterly reports.

Reports are not available for Q2 2020 and Q1 2021 as fieldwork was suspended during these quarters.

2020 Q4 Annual Network Report
2020 Q4 Annual BBC Area Report
2020 Q4 Annual ITV Area Report
2020 Q4 Questionaire
2020 Q3 Annual Network Report
2020 Q3 Annual BBC Area Report
2020 Q3 Annual ITV Area Report
2020 Q3 Quarterly Network Report
2020 Q1 Annual Network Report
2020 Q1 Annual BBC Area Report
2020 Q1 Annual ITV Area Report
2020 Q1 Quarterly Network Report


N.b. before printing any of these documents please note that some reports comprise over 200 pages.

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