The Viewing Report

Objective information is critical for the UK’s television and advertising industry. Each year, £7.5 billion is spent by broadcasters and advertisers on the production and distribution of programme and commercial content. BARB provides an independent, joint-industry currency that is trusted to assess the return on this investment.

Dealing with audience fragmentation has been a constant aspect of BARB’s work since our formation in 1981. Fragmentation today is driven by the rise of programmes and commercials being delivered online and on-demand.

We constantly develop our measurement techniques to meet the needs of the industry with high-quality data. In recent years we have developed techniques to report viewing to BVOD services on TV sets, tablets, PCs and smartphones; pre-broadcast and non-linear viewing on TV sets and dynamically-served advertising.

The Viewing Report 2020 brings to life the latest insights from BARB. We hope you enjoy reading it.

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Centrefold – The Top Tens of 2019 Across Multiple Screens

The SVOD Report 2020

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