The UK Television Landscape Report

Device access

20 February 2020

The Establishment Survey considers devices on a household level, so if any member of a household owns a device, then every member of that household is considered to have access. The one exception to this is mobile phones (including smartphones), which are considered to be individual devices, so if a household member owns a mobile phone, other members of the household are not considered to have access. For consistency, these data are for individuals.

Continuing the growth seen over time, access to smart (internet) TVs within UK households saw a jump in Q4 2019, increasing by over 2 million individuals to 36.04 million. This is almost a +20% increase versus a year ago. The other measures are stable, with HD TV and games console access both seeing a slight increase in the last quarter, after earlier declines.

Note: The number of UK households declined from 28.58 million in Q1 2019 to 28.12 million in Q2 2019. UK household estimates are taken directly from UK Government figures. These were previously reported by the Ministry for Housing, Communities & National Government; from 2019, they have been reported by the Office for National Statistics, which has lower growth in its forecasts.

*Any computer includes laptop and desktop PCs and Macs as well as any notebooks or tablets, e.g. iPads, but not mobile phones.