The UK Television Landscape Report

Games console households

27 November 2019

The games console tracker follows the number of homes with a games console connected to a TV set. The Establishment Survey tracks each generation of the three main console brands: Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo.

Overall ownership of games consoles remained under 8m, standing at 7.8m – down -1.3% both quarterly and annually. Xbox ownership increased by 1.6% quarter on quarter, while Nintendo ownership increased 5.3% and PlayStation ownership fell by -0.3%.

Note: The number of UK households declined from 28.58m in Q1 2019 to 28.12m in Q2 2019. UK household estimates are taken directly from UK Government figures. These were previously reported by the Ministry for Housing, Communities & National Government; from 2019, they have been reported by the Office for National Statistics, which has lower growth in its forecasts.