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BARB Explained: Beta BVOD planner

16 June 2020

This month, BARB launched a beta broadcaster video-on-demand (BVOD) planner to help agencies and advertisers plan advertising campaigns across BARB-reported commercial broadcasters’ linear channels and VOD platforms.

The new planner enables agencies and advertisers to forecast the reach and frequency delivered by advertising campaigns on BARB-reported commercial BVOD services (All4, ITV/STV Hub, My5, Sky Go, UKTV Player) over multiple screens: TV sets, PCs, tablets and smartphones. Users can forecast BVOD reach for impressions planned against specified target audiences, as well as by service. The tool can be used to plan standalone BVOD campaigns, or in conjunction with a linear advertising campaign.

Until now buyers and sellers of advertising have relied on self-developed tools to support the planning and evaluation of multiple-screen campaigns. BARB’s beta BVOD planner is the first joint-industry tool designed specifically to plan total TV campaign performance.

The planner incorporates BARB’s gold-standard panel and census data, alongside BVOD and smartphone viewing data independently collected and reported by IPA TouchPoints. The modelled output also uses monthly ad impressions data provided by broadcasters.

A media agency could use the beta BVOD planner when planning a ‘back to school’ BVOD campaign in August 2020. They could base their plans on August 2019 television viewing, with a target audience of housepersons with children. A plan against this target audience that allocates 2m multiple-screen impressions to each BVOD service would reach 41% of them, with an average frequency of 3.4. The user could then explore the reach of the campaign against other audiences and compare how a linear television campaign might perform.

Many television campaigns use a mixture of linear and BVOD to maximise their impact and the beta BVOD planner has been designed with this in mind. To take a second example: a media agency is planning a product launch for a mobile handset, using television to deliver broadcast reach of their key brand message. They might be buying 400 ratings against 16-34s via Channel 4 Sales, ITV Sales and Sky Media. This delivers 65% reach (based on September 2019). Alongside this, they could augment the linear schedule with tactical product benefit messaging in broadcasters’ VOD services. An additional 6m impressions delivered to 16-34s would add incremental reach to the linear campaign, increasing the combined cross-platform reach to 73%. They could then go on to explore the reach against a range of sub-audiences:

Other options for agency planners are to explore how reach and frequency respond when other broadcasters are selected, and seeing how varying the mix of BVOD and linear will work most effectively to achieve their goals for different audiences and campaign objectives.

The beta BVOD planner is available for user testing via TechEdge’s K2 module for IPA agencies, BARB-subscribing advertisers and BARB underwriters. For more information, please contact BARB’s Research Manager, Jim Jarrett: