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BARB Explained: IPA TouchPoints data integration

10 March 2020

In March 2020, BARB launched an integration with IPA TouchPoints, meaning that all of BARB’s daily audience data can now be analysed by IPA TouchPoints classifications.

IPA TouchPoints contains data based on a representative sample of 6,000 adults aged 15+ in Great Britain*. It is collected as a result of each respondent keeping a diary detailing their activities on a half-hourly basis over a seven-day period, as well as completing a questionnaire covering attitudes, product ownership, shopping, media behaviour, and more.

Respondent-level questionnaire data, together with summarised diary data, have been added to demographically-similar BARB panellists, resulting in a fused dataset which will be updated quarterly.

This data integration has three main benefits for media agencies, advertisers and broadcasters:

  • Access to a vastly expanded range of audience data to develop television plans, including mood, outlook, shopping, time use, SVOD usage and new demographics;
  • The ability to integrate other media channels into television plans and create even more coherent solutions for advertisers;
  • More information to help schedulers and content creators meet audiences’ needs.

This means that the richer IPA TouchPoints classifications can be used to analyse BARB’s daily audience data. For example, a media agency representing a smartphone manufacturer could enhance an existing audience of 16-34s by overlaying information on their income and existing smartphone usage, and look at which BARB-reported channels they are mostly likely to watch. This could then be factored into planned advertising or sponsorship opportunities.

Alternatively, a customer could find out which programmes on BARB-reported channels are more likely to be watched by heavy Amazon Prime Video viewers. An analysis of the integrated dataset shows that in January 2020, heavy Amazon viewers were more likely than the average UK adult to watch the likes of Everybody Loves Raymond and Undercover Boss USA on Channel 4. This would help a media agency to reach this previously hard-to-reach audience more effectively with television advertising. With this same information, a broadcast scheduler might decide to schedule more of the resulting programmes, or similar content, in order to attract this SVOD-watching audience to their channel more often.

BARB customers looking for more information on the BARB and IPA TouchPoints data integration should contact BARB’s Research Manager, Jim Jarrett:

*IPA TouchPoints does not cover children or those living in Northern Ireland, so these audiences have been excluded from the data integration.

The BARB and IPA TouchPoints-integrated data are available via BARB-registered data-processing bureaux to all media agencies and broadcasters that subscribe to both BARB and IPA TouchPoints. BARB customers wishing to access the new data must contact the IPA to subscribe to TouchPoints first.