Monthly Viewing Summary

Where * is shown, the figures are small but not zero.

Data is for All Individuals aged 4+ against Multi-Channel Universe.

In June 2024, there was an average of 233 minutes of total identified viewing per day, slightly higher than in May at 230 minutes.

The monthly viewing summary includes the monthly reach and share of viewing for broadcaster groups and SVOD/AVOD services that account for more than 0.5% of total identified viewing.

Live programming pulled in viewers for both the UK election leadership debates and UEFA Euro 2024 football matches on both BBC One and ITV1. The latter dominating viewing for the second half of the month.


Drama favourites proved popular once again with Doctor Who, The Outlaws and Eastenders on BBC One. Douglas is Cancelled, Coronation Street and Emmerdale on ITV1, and House of the Dragon on Sky. Channel 4 did well with documentaries including 24 Hours in Police Custody, The Fall: Skydive Murder Plot and Suranne Jones: Investigating Witch Trials.


Popular entertainment shows in June included The Great British Sewing Bee and The Traitors on BBC One. Love Island drew in viewers to ITV2, with Gogglebox goggled on Channel 4.


Over on the SVOD services, viewers tuned in for Clarkson’s Farm and The Boys on Prime Video. Eric, Bridgerton and Car Crash: Who’s Lying on Netflix. With The Acolyte and 911 proving popular alongside Bluey on Disney+, and Presumed Innocent on Apple TV+.


* Total Identified Viewing – includes viewing to total broadcaster; total SVOD/AVOD and total video-sharing platforms across four screens. For tagged services this includes any streaming regardless of whether it was through the home WiFI network. For SVOD/AVOD and video-sharing platforms this only includes viewing through a home’s WiFi network. Viewing is counted as taking place at time of viewing. Amazon includes Freevee viewing.