Weekly top 50 shows

Weekly top 50 shows

This dashboard displays the 50 most-watched programmes across all broadcast channels and SVOD services for the chosen week.

Viewing figures for programmes on broadcast channels are consolidated 7-day viewing figures with pre-broadcast viewing and viewing on tablets, PCs and smartphones included.

Viewing figures for programmes on SVOD services are calculated based on the average audience achieved during the first seven days of their availability – if launched during the week in question – or across the calendar week, and only include TV set viewing.

Viewing data for broadcast channels are available in this dashboard from 27 August 2018. View archive TV set viewing data prior to this date.

Viewing data for Barb-subscribing SVOD services are available in this dashboard from 29 November 2021. From 1 November 2022, viewing data for all SVOD services are included.

If you are looking for further multiple-screen viewing data, see the list of data-processing bureaux.