Barb for journalists

Barb publishing guidelines

All Barb data and information whether accessed on our website or through a separate party are either owned by or licensed to Barb and subject to Barb’s copyright regulations. This includes all text, logos, artwork, trademarks and service marks. (Please refer to the ownership and use of content section in Barb’s website terms and conditions.)

Data available to the public on the Barb website can be published without a Barb publishing licence, although reproduction must be credited accordingly.

Data accessed through other means, such as a broadcaster or data-processing bureau, may only be used in moderation (not on a daily basis) and must be within an editorial context. This means a few figures may be referenced (no more than 5) and never in the form of, for example, a chart or graph.

Barb data cannot be used within a sales deck or as part of any pitch to help with programme sales unless the appropriate licence has been purchased, as outlined in section 6, part A of the Barb rate card.

Please note that a non-subscriber accessing data through a data-processing bureau must pay a limited access registration fee as well as the cost of the data.

Those who wish to publish more Barb data and in a different format will require a Barb publishing licence, full details of which can be found in Section A of the Barb rate card. For a brief overview of the four types of publishing licence available for purchase please see below:

One-off Licence (see A: 4.5)

Licence holder can publish Barb data in a single one-off report but only once in a calendar year.

Limited annual publishing licence (see A: 4.3)

This is for publishers with an annual circulation or subscription base of less than 500 copies or recipients.

It is also available to publishers wishing to use headline data which are over 6 months old.

Barb data must constitute less than a third of the total editorial content in any single publication (this includes a single webpage).

Expanded annual publishing licence (see A: 4.4)

Barb data can be published in a trade publication to an industry based readership. As with 4.3, Barb data must constitute less than a third of the content.

Full annual publishing licence (see A: 4.2)

Barb data can be published to anyone providing once again that the data constitute less than a third of the content.