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19 December 2011

BARB publishes data in a form that allows flexible analysis. An example of analyses based on disaggregated data would be the use of reach and frequency models or the creation of dynamic targets based on viewing behaviours.

The chart below illustrates the number of individuals (4+) turning the television on and off (or entering and leaving the room), by clock minute throughout the day. This chart identifies where audiences are both creating appointments to view their choice of programme and thereafter switching the television off (or leaving the room) after they have watched it.

BARB Bulletin 29 inside v4

The chart is taken for a recent Sunday and only includes ‘Live’ viewing. The inclusion of time-shifted and catch-up viewing would increase the spikes further. Within the chart, key programmes have been identified to show the possible determinants for audiences switching the television set on and off. Within the data, it is possible to break this down by both channel and key audience demographics.