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Autumn 2004 – BARB subscriber update

27 September 2004

This Autumn an abundance of new channels have launched and become BARB reported.

In September a new entertainment channel from Disney, ABC1, launched on the digital terrestrial platform, transmitting from 6am to 6pm. In the same month Soundtrack channel and The Advert Channel also launched and became BARB reported. Both transmit on the digital satellite platform, 24 hours a day. Soundtrack channel is dedicated to film soundtracks and interviews with actors and directors. The Advert Channel, as implied, is a channel totally dedicated to advertisements from around the world over the last 4 decades.

October saw Visit London launch London TV, a channel promoting all aspects of London to both visitors and Londoners. Bonanza Bonanza, a new entertainment channel showing classic entertainment programmes from across the world also launched in this month. Both channels broadcast 24 hours a day on the digital satellite platform. The Golf Channel is being separately BARB reported again after 7 months in other viewing. It is on the digital satellite platform only, transmitting 24 hours a day.

On 1st November five more channels will be added to the list of BARB reported channels. ITV3 launches on the digital terrestrial and cable platforms, an entertainment channel showing classic ITV dramas. Real Estate TV and The Wrestling Channel Reloaded both launch on the digital satellite platform. Real Estate TV transmits from 6am to midnight, broadcasting a mix of property programmes and infomercials from Estate Agents and Property Developers showcasing their properties. TWC Reloaded transmits 24 hours a day for wrestling enthusiasts. Also on 1st November two staggercast channels, Sky Travel +1 and UKTV G2+1 launch on the digital satellite platform.

During the summer Pop Plus re-branded as Tiny Pop. Targeting a younger viewer than Pop Plus, the editorial content of Tiny Pop is still a mixture of cartoons and pop music but with a core audience of pre-school children.

In addition to the new BARB reported channels BARB welcomes BT and Express Newspapers as new subscribers to the service.