BARB strategy

13 December 2010

The following, in conjunction with the development priorities outlined both in the Christmas Bulletin and in BARB News, summarizes the headline content of the BARB Strategy Statement which is available via the Future into View button on the home page of the BARB website,

Capture opportunities to strengthen the service

BARB wants to ensure that the high standards of the service are advanced. The new BARB panel and associated system were successfully introduced for 2010 and BARB will revisit specific elements of the service to ensure they are the best they can be.

Pursue development priorities while protecting the core service

An industry relevant, quality assured, dependable TAM service for the UK is BARB’s priority, whilst looking for solutions to develop and enhance its service to the industry. Development priorities are built around the concepts of extending reporting for viewing beyond 7 days and for viewing beyond TV sets.

Enhance the reputation of the service

As a world leader in Television Audience Measurement BARB is the guardian of a sophisticated, complex service, upholding the highest standards of research practice, with exacting expectations for quality and flexibility of reporting. Ongoing engagement with the UK television industry will shape the service for the future and ensure the relevance of measurement going forward.