Latest BARB / IPA TouchPoints integrated data now available

4 May 2022
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The latest BARB / IPA TouchPoints integrated data are now available, based on the 2021 IPA TouchPoints release.

BARB data have been integrated with IPA TouchPoints since 2020, enabling users of both services to analyse BARB’s daily audience data using IPA TouchPoints classifications, providing a greater understanding of viewers.

The integrated data set gives media agencies and advertisers access to a vast range of audience data to develop their television plans, including the ability to incorporate other media channels, while providing more information to help broadcasters with their scheduling.

For example, users could examine the viewing behaviours of vegetarians, or those people looking to move house in the next year or discover what heavy Instagram users like to watch on broadcast channels.

The latest BARB / IPA TouchPoints integrated data are available through BARB-registered data-processing bureaux to media agencies, advertisers and broadcasters that subscribe to both BARB and IPA TouchPoints. For more information, contact BARB’s Research Manager, Jim Jarrett: