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Measurement sciences

22 July 2012

Measurement sciences activities have revolved around understanding opportunities to align other sources of viewing/usage data from return path or server data sources – defining links, setting guidelines, creating standard models, or ingesting other data sources in appropriate ways.

There has been interaction with interested parties to comprehend the range of requirements/ desires of the industry, the possible sources of data, and options for linkage between panel and server data.

BARB’s work will also be dependent upon the activities of other industry groups, such as the Digital Content Working Party (previously BMWG – to which BARB provides input) – developing standards for server data sources.

Connections between BARB data and server data are dependent upon also being able to identify equivalent services in both sources for comparison or connection. Kantar Media is enhancing processing of BARB data in order to facilitate the ability to ‘mark’/ ‘flag’ viewing data for the BARB panel. Proof of concepts and experiments are being undertaken at broadcasters and BARB’s contractors to determine if the concepts are deliverable in practice.

This is an active process of investigation, development and iteration to explore the possibilities of panel data and RPD/server data being utilised together to deliver greater benefit than each source on its own.

Input is always welcome and interaction with the industry is an important part of BARB’s Measurement Sciences activities. Please contribute to