You watch it, we measure it

BARB is the official source of television viewing figures in the UK. We continually develop new ways of measuring what you and the rest of the UK are watching.

How we do what we do

This week's viewing figures

Find the latest audience numbers for over 275 channels for the week ending April 13th.

New lifestyle insights available

It's now possible to analyse viewing behaviour through the prism of Mosaic geodemographic groups. These lifestyle surrogates add more colour to the data and expand the ways it can be used.

BARB publishes The Viewing Report

Bigger screens, smaller screens and no TV screens. These are just three of the trends that you can read about in the first edition.

BARB development strategy

Measurement and reporting techniques need to keep pace with changes in the way that viewers watch their favourite programmes. What are BARB's main priorities?

BARB is a not-for-profit limited company, funded by the major players in the industry it supports

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