How we do what we do

BARB is responsible for delivering the UK’s television audience measurement currency. We commission research companies Ipsos MORI, Kantar Media and RSMB to collect data that represent the viewing behaviour of the UK’s 28 million TV and broadband-only households. Each year, £7.5 billion is invested in the production and distribution of programme and commercial content, which is guided and accounted for by our data.

Our research covers five questions:

  • Who is watching?
  • What are they watching?
  • When are they watching?
  • Which screen are they watching on?
  • How did the content get to the screen?

BARB has two sources of data:

  1. People-based data: the BARB panel.
  2. Device-based census data for online TV viewing.

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Dovetail Fusion combines our two sources of data in order to deliver total reach of programme audiences across multiple screens. To find out more, please select the Dovetail Fusion box below.