BARB awards £1000 bursary to Media Trust

9 May 2022

BARB has awarded a £1000 bursary to Media Trust, a charity which works in partnership with the media industry to help other charities, under-represented communities and young people to build their media and communications skills through training and mentoring.

This follows BARB’s support of The Adrian Edwards Award for Best Use of Datasets at the Mediatel Media Research Awards 2022. As part of this support, the winning entry received a £1000 training bursary. The award was won by the ISBA/AOP/PwC programmatic supply chain transparency study, and at the request of the consortium partners, BARB has awarded the bursary to Media Trust.

Sam Tomlinson, PwC Partner & Media Leader, said: “We’ve been thrilled with how our study into programmatic supply chains has resonated and the recognition it has received, including this generous bursary from BARB at the Mediatel Media Research Awards. We all felt that Media Trust, with their commitment to building communication skills for charities and young people, was a worthy recipient of the funds. Many thanks to BARB for the bursary and to Mediatel for putting on a great event.”

Justin Sampson, BARB’s Chief Executive, added: “BARB was delighted to honour the memory of Adrian Edwards by supporting an award for best use of datasets at the recent Mediatel awards. Given our commitment to transparency in everything we do, it seemed appropriate the winning entry set out to bring more clarity to an important part of the advertising market. We are also pleased to support the valuable work of Media Trust with the award of a bursary.”

According to Su-Mei Thompson, Media Trust CEO: “At Media Trust, we can only do the work we do to give charities, marginalised communities, and young people a stronger voice with the support of the media and creative industry. We’re so grateful to BARB and the ISBA/AOP/PwC consortium for this generous bursary. The funding will support our Creativity Works programme which provides diverse disadvantaged young Londoners with the creative digital media skills to break into the media.”