BARB Boot Camp

8 January 2015

BARB unveils IPA-accredited training sessions

BARB has launched free training sessions to help the media and advertising industry better understand the strength of the TV broadcast currency.

There will be two sessions to choose from; one to support the emerging generation of media agency, broadcaster and advertiser talent, and another to advance the skills of those already established in TV advertising. These sessions will offer deeper insight into measuring live and catch-up viewing, including how BARB plans to work with new data sources alongside the panel data that our customers are used to using.

BARB Client Services Manager Sarah Mowbray says the new courses have been prompted by the current developments in TV measurement:

“The way BARB data are configured and presented has changed to reflect the new broadcast opportunities now available to advertisers and programme-makers. It’s vital that we support people who are using our data so they can understand the strength of the currency and how it is put together to help them make better decisions”.

IPA Research Director Lynne Robinson adds:

“BARB data underpin some £4bn of television trading. As the medium and the measurement become ever more complex it is essential for users to keep on top of the basics. These courses will ensure that users understand the accountability BARB provides and appreciate what it takes to create a gold standard.”

There will be two modules, each lasting approximately two hours:

BARB Boot Camp: What is BARB?

BARB Reboot: Getting the most out of BARB

Agencies, broadcasters and clients can enroll their staff on one module or, for those needing a more detailed understanding, both. Subjects covered will include:

  • How the BARB panel works
  • Presenting and interpreting viewing data
  • Using data to support investment decisions in the production and distribution of programme/commercial content
  • How BARB is using data sourced from the range of devices that now deliver content to viewers

The workshops will be held at BARB’s offices in central London and will be run by the BARB team. The courses will start early in 2015 and will run throughout the year.

For further information and to book places contact Sarah Mowbray at or Charlotte Martin at .