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BARB Establishment Survey data

3 October 2011

The BARB Establishment Survey provides data on population profiles and on the ownership of television equipment. These are used as the basis for BARB universes, and for setting panel balance benchmarks. The survey is carried out throughout the year across a sample of approximately 53,000 households annually.

Chart 5 shows a selection of Establishment Survey data, based on interviews carried out between July 2010 and June 2011. Across this period, 95% of TV households claimed to have digital TV (via either terrestrial, satellite or cable), and PVR penetration reached 46%.


A key trend evident in Establishment Survey data for recent years is the increasing size of TV sets. In the year to June 2005 the survey reported that 8% of sets measured 30 inches or larger; in the latest year this had increased to 43% (Chart 6).


Summary reports showing results from the Establishment Survey are available to all BARB subscribers, and can be downloaded in ‘.pdf’ format from the BARB website.