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Barb issues first-ever tender for providers of big data

16 May 2024

Barb, the industry’s standard for understanding what people watch, today issued the final part of its invitation to tender (ITT) for the next iteration of its audience measurement service, which aims to extend Barb’s integration of big data and panel data.

Earlier, this month Barb shared an ITT for the methodology, data processing and delivery component. For this second invitation Barb is looking for contractors to provide sources of TV viewing data that can enhance its high-quality panel data, which provides the source of truth for how people watch their favourite content.

As part of Barb’s strategic priorities this year, which include enhancing core services through increased investment, it aims to synthesise data available from suppliers with evolving data requirements from subscribers.

Barb Panel Plus seeks to embrace return-path data and it is this element that this second component of the ITT is looking to address. This initiative builds on Barb’s long-standing experience of combining panel data with census data from Broadcast Video on Demand (BVOD) players. This established part of Barb’s daily-audience reporting is known as Dovetail Fusion.

Return-path data is widely understood to include TV viewing data from Connected TVs and / or Set-Top Boxes. Barb is also interested in data that can be sourced through Connected TV sets that operate in accordance with the HbbTV standard. Barb is looking for extensive coverage, trusted reliability and robust technology.

Caroline Baxter, Chief Operating Officer at Barb said:

“For this second component of the ITT, we are seeking sources of return-path data that cover as much of the UK population as possible, as many linear viewing types as possible​ and one that does not have a bias towards certain channels or viewing behaviours​.”

Those looking to submit a tender need to inform Barb by May 29th 2024. The deadline for proposal submissions is July 12th 2024.

For further information, please contact Caroline Baxter: and Khaled Serafy: