BARB launches beta BVOD planner

16 June 2020

BARB has today launched a beta BVOD planner to help agencies and advertisers plan advertising campaigns across BARB-reported commercial broadcasters’ linear channels and VOD platforms.

The new planner enables agencies and advertisers to forecast the reach and frequency* delivered by advertising campaigns on BARB-reported commercial BVOD services** over multiple screens (TV sets, PCs, tablets and smartphones). Users can forecast BVOD reach for impressions planned against specified target audiences, as well as by service. The tool can be used to plan standalone BVOD campaigns, or in conjunction with a linear advertising campaign.

The planner incorporates BARB’s gold-standard panel and census data, alongside BVOD and smartphone viewing data independently collected and reported by IPA TouchPoints. The modelled output also uses ad impressions data provided by broadcasters.

BARB’s beta BVOD planner launched today for extended user testing by IPA agencies, BARB-subscribing advertisers and BARB underwriters. It was developed by RSMB for BARB and is available through TechEdge’s K2 module.

Justin Sampson, BARB’s Chief Executive, said:

“Assessing the performance of television campaigns across linear channels and BVOD services is critical for buyers and sellers of advertising. Our beta BVOD planner provides valuable guidance on how BVOD campaigns can extend the reach of linear advertising campaigns, and does so because it relies primarily on independently-specified and collected data sources.”

Notes to editors
*For television advertising campaigns, reach is the number of people in the target audience to have had at least one opportunity to see the campaign; this is often expressed as a percentage of the target population. Frequency is the average number of times the campaign was seen by those within the target audience who were reached. Reach and frequency are used in conjunction to produce an overall measure of campaign exposure.

**BVOD = broadcaster video-on-demand. The BARB-reported commercial BVOD services are: All4, ITV/STV Hub, My5, Sky Go and UKTV Play.

About BARB’s beta BVOD planner
BARB’s beta BVOD planner enables TV advertising campaigns to be planned across linear and BVOD over four screens (TV sets, PCs, tablets and smartphones). It is designed to improve the planning of BVOD advertising campaigns against target audiences available to BARB customers. Sponsorships and other non-standard BVOD campaigns are not suitable to be planned with this tool.

IPA agencies, BARB-subscribing advertisers or BARB underwriters looking for further information on the planner should contact BARB’s Research Manager, Jim Jarrett:

About BARB
BARB is responsible for delivering the UK’s television audience measurement currency. We commission research companies to collect data that represent the viewing behaviour of the UK’s 28 million television and broadband-only households.

Each year, the UK television and advertising industry invests £7.5 billion in the production and distribution of television programmes and commercials. BARB’s television audience currency is used by broadcasters, advertisers and agencies to evaluate the success of this investment. We enable this assessment by reporting, on a daily basis, how people watch television programmes and commercials.

BARB’s research focuses on five questions: Who is watching? What are they watching? When are they watching? Which screen are they watching on? How did the content get to the screen?