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BARB suspends Sky+ reporting

17 November 2005

BARB is suspending Sky+ reporting while data-generating quality control issues are investigated.

BARB is experiencing an unusual level of quality control issues in Sky+ homes, representing a small number of BARB panel homes. This has, so far, led to many of the Sky+ homes being withheld from reporting.

BARB’s reporting of PVR playback from Sky+ boxes was activated from endAugust by a series of BSkyB downloads. As these were not successful for all Sky+ boxes, the number of reporting homes has been restricted.

BARB is now suspending Sky+ reporting until the causes of the quality control issues are understood in greater detail.

BARB CEO Bjarne Thelin said today, ‘Investigations are continuing with our meter and processing contractor AGB Nielsen Media Research and with BSkyB. We have verified much of the data from Sky+ homes as accurate, but some unusual data from some homes have not been able to be replicated or verified. The withholding of Sky+ reporting is a quality control and cautionary measure to protect the integrity of BARB data.’

BARB subscribers have been notified.

Notes for editors

BARB was set up in 1981 to provide the industry-standard audience measurement service for television broadcasters and the advertising industry. It is a not-for-profit limited company owned by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, five, BSkyB and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.