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BARB update – January 2004

9 January 2004


BARB Channel Update

On 12th January, Fox International Channels launches FX. Targeting men, FX will broadcast 24 hours a day on Sky.

Transmission Details

BARB should like to take this opportunity to remind all broadcasters that if you are planning to change your transmission hours and/or your platforms, please inform Sarah Mowbray at BARB as soon as you know, to ensure that there is no delay in reporting the viewing.

Movers and Shakers

BARB is pleased to welcome the Danish Software Company TechEdge APS, which became a BARB subscriber in December 2003 and say goodbye to Continental Research, which terminated its subscription at the end of last year.

A comprehensive list of BARB subscribers is available within the ‘Subscribers’ section of the website and is updated regularly.

January Universes and Panel Size

The January universes and panel sizes are available in the ‘Subscribers’ section of the BARB website.