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Barb2010 panel commences reporting

2 January 2010

On 2 January 2010 the first TV viewing figures from BARB’s new television viewing panel were released, relating to New Years Day 2010.

The panel commenced with 5180 homes reporting relative to the panel reporting target of 5100 homes.

The system has been in set-up mode for 2 years, following an extensive tendering process for the award of research contracts to provide the system that started in 2006.

The new panel has been established for BARB by TNS, as part of the overall BARB system which includes Methodology and QC functions from RSMB, and the Establishment Survey from Ipsos MORI.

Prior to 2010, in collaboration with other contractors, the previous BARB panel was administered and maintained by AGB Nielsen Media Research for 8 years, a contract that had been extended from an original 5 year term.

The new BARB system – whilst not radically different from the current system at the outset – has greater flexibility for the future created by changes in structure and methodology. The service continually evolves and already includes the ability to monitor devices for on-demand playback (such as games consoles, PCs, set top boxes and other devices) where they are viewed through a TV set. Specific PC and laptop viewing monitoring solutions continue to be evaluated and, following much development by suppliers, a test panel is hoped to soon be created.

Notes to Editors

BARB started reporting UK television audiences in 1981, providing the industry-standard audience measurement service for television broadcasters and the advertising industry. It is a not-for-profit limited company owned by BBC, ITV, Channel 4, five, BSkyB and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.

BARB provides in-home TV viewing measurement for the UK. This is obtained from a panel of 5,100 homes. These homes return data from around 11,500 individuals. Viewing from visitors to the home is included (Guest Viewing). Viewing figures are available to subscribers the morning after transmission. VCR, PVR and other on-demand playback via a TV set is incorporated within 7 days of transmission (Consolidated Viewing). Audiences are reported on a minute-by-minute basis.

The panel design is representative of the whole of the UK. People are recruited from all sectors of the population. All types of TV set viewing in the home are represented. Multiple TV sets are measured. BARB measures analogue and digital delivery via cable, satellite and terrestrial distribution.

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