Content Identification System: Invitation To Tender

25 January 2017

In order to ensure consistency of programme reporting and the linking of content across linear and on-demand at the individual programme level, BARB is seeking to create a unified Masterfile that enables related programmes (series, episodes and versions) to be grouped together and assigns a single genre code to all related programmes.

At present BARB operates two separate systems for the classification of programmes:

a) The Programme Attribution System (PAS) for linear programming which links broadcast programmes to a brand and allows broadcasters to assign a genre to those programmes.

b) The Content Data Masterfile (CDMF) for online content that populates classification information based on a programme’s metadata to individual pieces of content, but does not assign genre.

There is currently no process to link the programme information across the two systems.

For further details, please download the full introduction to this Invitation To Tender.

To access the supporting documents (Schedules B,C and D) please contact Rhiannon Griffiths.