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Development priorities update

3 March 2011

“Virtual Meter” Field Test

The meter developed by Kantar Media (TNS) to measure TV content delivered via PCs and laptops is being tested in a panel of 75 homes (recruited specifically for the purpose) which will continue until the end of March. BARB is pleased with how the test is progressing and encouraged by the meter’s capability to collect viewing. In addition to generating data it is important to understand if this type of meter causes compliance issues and what the effect of monitoring TV and PC viewing in the same home could have on existing BARB panel households. These issues are being worked through as a crucial element of the test.

Non-Linear Database

The pilot stage, the development of a database to accommodate viewing data outside the core BARB service, is reaching completion and the project is moving into the next phase, to experiment with the identification of advertising and tackle the issues surrounding processing capacity, volumes of content and interfaces required with content providers.

BARB is calling on interested parties to enter into dialogue with BARB to participate in the process of ensuring that industry requirements are known and able to be delivered before moving forward from the proof of concept stage. Please e-mail to register your interest in joining the discussion.