Dovetail Boost Panel: Invitation To Tender

4 November 2016

Project Dovetail is synonymous with BARB’s strategy for dealing with fragmentation.

As part of Project Dovetail, BARB has already delivered the first joint-industry, audited measure of online TV viewing in the UK. This is based on census data collected from software code embedded in TV player apps. News about how we fuse this data with the findings from our core panel is expected shortly.

BARB has today issued an Invitation To Tender with the view to enhancing our reporting of audience viewing across all devices in the home. The Dovetail Boost Panel will provide a nationally representative sample boost to our core panel.

The specification for the Dovetail Boost Panel comes in three parts.

Part 1: Recruitment for the Dovetail Boost Panel 

Part 2: TV set meter requirements 

Part 3: Router meter requirements 

Suppliers are welcome to submit proposals for one, two or three parts. Suppliers submitting proposals for the second and third parts must be able to provide a fully-functioning meter for independent testing in March 2017.

Click here to read the full terms and specification of the Invitation To Tender.