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23 October 2002

The FreeView platform launches on 30 October, offering up to 30 channels on the new digital terrestrial platform.

BARB will measure the platform from the launch date. Channels which are currently BARB reported, together with any new channels that have given notice to be reported*, will have live BARB data from 30 October.

The new platform will continue to be reported as DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television), which currently accounts for 1%** of all UK viewing. Prior to launch, there are just under 100 DTT homes reporting on the BARB panel.

Homes will be able to receive channels on this platform via their existing DTT set top boxes and the new ‘adaptors’ that are being sold independently through retailers. As and when homes on our panel purchase and install these adaptors or re-install existing set top boxes, they will be identified in the usual way that all homes with new equipment are, and will in the normal course of business, be integrated into the reporting panel.

All new consumer television technology that is readily available is tested, prior to homes being integrated into the BARB panel, to ensure that the equipment is compatible with our metering system.

The channels that BARB will be reporting from the launch of FreeView are:





Channel 4


BBC Choice

BBC News 24




Sky News

Sky Sports News

Sky Travel

ITV News

S4C (Wales only)

UK History

The Hits

The Music Factory

ATR, which holds the BARB contract for metering, will be posting further updates for subscribers on their website

* Channels must give BARB 4 weeks notification to be measured and reported.

** DTT viewing for September 2002.