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Launch Presentation

1 June 2005

Future into View was the consultation process that BARB launched in June 2005. At a time of fast paced development in television BARB sought the industry’s views about how television itself was changing, which elements may be most important and how BARB should respond to these factors. What the main influences were and what was needed from BARB? Our aim was to gain as clear a picture as possible about priorities and expectations for the future of the industry.

The consultation took a number of forms – the major phases being the initial on-line response mechanism, followed by group forums and depth interviews undertaken during the autumn of 2005.

Overview by Bjarne Thelin, Chief Executive

The System and Developments by Tony Wearn, Research Director

Influences and Possibilities by Bjarne Thelin, Chief Executive

The Consultation Process by Suzanne Wilkinson, Commercial Director