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Ratings data for sponsored programmes

28 June 2004

BARB is launching a new service providing ratings data for sponsored programmes.

The service will commence on a test basis from today, 28 June 2004, with the intention to go fully operational in the autumn.

Broadcasters which participate in the service will provide details of sponsored transmissions. Official BARB ratings will then be matched up with these details to provide a record of the ratings achieved for the sponsorship.

During the second half of 2004, broadcasters have been invited to develop their reporting systems to enable the details of their sponsored output to be included.

This new service is provided following requests from agencies and advertisers. BARB is able to supply this sponsorship service with the agreement from many broadcasters to participate.

Notes to Editors

BARB is the sole provider for audience measurement, for all channels broadcasting across all platforms – terrestrial, satellite and cable in analogue and digital – in the UK. Its audience measurement data are also key as they underpin the trading currency for broadcasters, advertisers and their agencies. BARB is funded by the major players of the industry it supports – ITV, the BBC, the IPA, Channel 4, BSkyB and five – all of whom make up the Board. Input from other key players ensures that BARB remains representative and applicable to the industry it supports.

BARB is wholly owned by the ITV Network Limited, BBC, BSkyB, Channel 4, five and the IPA.