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The new BARB website

26 August 2003

Welcome to the new look BARB website. As you can see we have given the site an overhaul and, as well as updating existing pages, we have included some new sections which we hope you will find useful.

In ‘About BARB’ we have included two new sections and expanded on an existing one:

How to subscribe – this section has been expanded to include both the BARB rate card and information we require from television channels looking to become BARB reported
Other useful websites – hyperlinks are provided which will take you directly to the websites of other companies involved in television research
Glossary – covers BARB terminology

In the ‘Subscriber’ section there are three new additions:

Universes – updated monthly for 30 audiences, including multi-channel universes for the different platforms
Latest Reporting Sample – latest number of panel homes and broken down by region; this will be updated monthly
BARB Subscribers – a comprehensive, alphabetical list of BARB subscribers which will be kept up-to-date

In ‘Viewing Summary’ there is also a new section:
Viewing Trends – contains 3 charts that are updated regularly to show recent trends in television viewing habits

If you are not already a subscriber and would like to subscribe to the BARB service, please go to the ‘How to Subscribe’ section in ‘About BARB’, or alternatively please e-mail us at, stating your name, company and brief synopsis of your intended use of the data.