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What’s next for Project Dovetail?

9 February 2015

This article, posted 9th February 2015, describes BARB’s progress in delivering a strategy that has strong support from our customers.

The article highlights that:

  • through independent audit, we have confirmed our solution reports genuine online viewing events only (non-human and international traffic is filtered out)
  • we’re deploying software code that provides precise tracking of exactly what’s been watched
  • we have industry ratification for an online programme audience metric that’s comparable with established average audience numbers (an equivalent metric for commercials should follow soon)
  • independent audits are being conducted to ensure the software code has been implemented correctly by the media owners (all going well, these should clear the way for beta reports to appear early in Q2)
  • we’re asking two research agencies to deliver prototypes of their proposed fusion solutions, and
  • we’re testing how we can work with return path data from set-top boxes.

Project Dovetail is an ambitious strategy that will transform the foundations of the trusted planning and buying currency that BARB delivers each day to the whole industry. We’re naturally pleased that our customers can see the benefit of what we are working on.

Further updates will be posted in the coming months.

Watch Project Dovetail being brought to life.