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World cup viewing – South Africa 2010

12 July 2010
DateStart TimeEnd TimeMatchChannelAverage AudienceReach 3+ Consec Mins
Fri, 11/06/201012:59 PM5:06 PMOpening Ceremony (inc Republic of South Africa v Mexico)ITV133115.837.4937216.4
12:59 PM5:06 PMOpening Ceremony (inc Republic of South Africa v Mexico)ITV1 HD3290.63.77491.3
7:30 PM9:22 PMUruguay v FranceBBC 1731812.832.71357823.8
7:30 PM9:22 PMUruguay v FranceBBC HD5170.92.38541.5
Sat, 12/06/201012:02 PM2:32 PMSouth Korea v GreeceITV129755.233.1672011.8
12:02 PM2:32 PMSouth Korea v GreeceITV1 HD3040.53.45991
3:00 PM4:52 PMArgentina v NigeriaBBC149098.642.9812914.2
3:00 PM4:52 PMArgentina v NigeriaBBC HD4350.83.86711.2
6:14 PM9:44 PMEngland v USAITV11234221.650.22161937.9
6:14 PM9:44 PMEngland v USAITV1 HD12342.2518223.2
Sun, 13/06/201012:22 PM2:22 PMAlgeria v SloveniaBBC134786.132.8726112.7
12:22 PM2:22 PMAlgeria v SloveniaBBC HD2540.42.44900.9
2:23 PM5:01 PMSerbia v GhanaITV135696.326.9836914.7
2:23 PM5:01 PMSerbia v GhanaITV1 HD3630.62.77601.3
6:59 PM9:33 PMGermany v AustraliaITV1711212.528.31475625.9
6:59 PM9:33 PMGermany v AustraliaITV1 HD6661.22.712692.2
Mon, 14/06/201012:11 PM2:32 PMHolland v DenmarkITV121553.827.850308.8
12:11 PM2:32 PMHolland v DenmarkITV1 HD1670.32.23130.5
2:52 PM4:52 PMJapan v CameroonBBC125274.427.9569410
2:52 PM4:52 PMJapan v CameroonBBC HD1600.31.83670.6
7:23 PM9:20 PMItaly v ParaguayBBC1705512.428.61451625.4
7:23 PM9:20 PMItaly v ParaguayBBC HD57712.39511.7
Tue, 15/06/201012:22 PM2:21 PMNew Zealand v SlovakiaBBC114292.522.541957.4
12:22 PM2:21 PMNew Zealand v SlovakiaBBC HD1050.21.72080.4
2:29 PM5:04 PMIvory Coast v PortugalITV124284.329.9618610.8
2:29 PM5:04 PMIvory Coast v PortugalITV1 HD2010.42.54610.8
6:59 PM9:32 PMBrazil v North KoreaITV168361229.41472925.8
6:59 PM9:32 PMBrazil v North KoreaITV1 HD5360.92.311572
Wed, 16/06/201012:11 PM2:32 PMHonduras v ChileITV113432.423.133545.9
12:11 PM2:32 PMHonduras v ChileITV1 HD1120.21.92310.4
2:52 PM4:54 PMSpain v SwitzerlandBBC121833.828.453199.3
2:52 PM4:54 PMSpain v SwitzerlandBBC HD1920.32.53580.6
7:23 PM9:25 PMRepublic of South Africa v UruguayBBC1588410.326.21394624.4
7:23 PM9:25 PMRepublic of South Africa v UruguayBBC HD5230.92.310821.9
Thu, 17/06/201012:11 PM2:32 PMArgentina v South KoreaITV117763.128.740827.2
12:11 PM2:32 PMArgentina v South KoreaITV1 HD1360.22.23160.6
2:53 PM4:54 PMGreece v NigeriaBBC120353.62751259
2:53 PM4:54 PMGreece v NigeriaBBC HD1260.21.72900.5
7:23 PM9:21 PMFrance v MexicoBBC1719012.631.91429525
7:23 PM9:21 PMFrance v MexicoBBC HD57012.59981.7
Fri, 18/06/201012:22 PM2:21 PMGermany v SerbiaBBC127954.936.8575210.1
12:22 PM2:21 PMGermany v SerbiaBBC HD1690.32.23190.6
2:52 PM4:52 PMSlovenia v USABBC133845.934.6697612.2
2:52 PM4:52 PMSlovenia v USABBC HD2630.52.75180.9
6:29 PM9:47 PMEngland v AlgeriaITV11317623.151.82283340
6:29 PM9:47 PMEngland v AlgeriaITV1 HD14472.55.721923.8
Sat, 19/06/201012:02 PM2:32 PMHolland v JapanITV127274.830.1674411.8
12:02 PM2:32 PMHolland v JapanITV1 HD2510.42.85110.9
2:52 PM4:51 PMGhana v AustraliaBBC135836.333.8749313.1
2:52 PM4:51 PMGhana v AustraliaBBC HD2870.52.75370.9
7:00 PM9:33 PMCameroon v DenmarkITV148318.522.51140820
7:00 PM9:33 PMCameroon v DenmarkITV1 HD3850.71.87161.3
Sun, 20/06/201012:23 PM2:22 PMSlovakia v ParaguayBBC126564.728.8587710.3
12:23 PM2:22 PMSlovakia v ParaguayBBC HD2130.42.34610.8
2:29 PM5:03 PMItaly v New ZealandITV137136.534780013.7
2:29 PM5:03 PMItaly v New ZealandITV1 HD2860.52.65881
7:23 PM9:21 PMBrazil v Ivory CoastBBC1776113.6331430525.1
7:23 PM9:21 PMBrazil v Ivory CoastBBC HD6091.12.610471.8
Mon, 21/06/201012:22 PM2:22 PMPortugal v North KoreaBBC119873.529.545918
12:22 PM2:22 PMPortugal v North KoreaBBC HD1420.22.12680.5
2:53 PM4:52 PMChile v SwitzerlandBBC119743.523.149258.6
2:53 PM4:52 PMChile v SwitzerlandBBC HD1420.21.73190.6
6:59 PM9:32 PMSpain v HondurasITV1613010.728.11426825
6:59 PM9:32 PMSpain v HondurasITV1 HD3950.71.89191.6
Tue, 22/06/20102:28 PM5:04 PMFrance v Republic of South AfricaITV123224.127.9646511.3
2:28 PM5:04 PMFrance v Republic of South AfricaITV1 HD2210.42.74440.8
2:28 PM5:04 PMMexico v UruguayITV41510.31.88261.4
7:22 PM9:22 PMGreece v ArgentinaBBC1644111.330.31345423.6
7:22 PM9:22 PMGreece v ArgentinaBBC HD3990.71.98161.4
7:02 PM9:31 PMNigeria v South KoreaBBC34740.82.323044
Wed, 23/06/20102:53 PM4:48 PMSlovenia v EnglandBBC11158220.371.71577527.6
2:53 PM4:48 PMSlovenia v EnglandBBC HD9271.65.711632
6:59 PM9:32 PMGhana v GermanyITV152079.123.21297622.7
6:59 PM9:32 PMGhana v GermanyITV1 HD4600.8210081.8
6:59 PM9:32 PMAustralia v SerbiaITV42640.51.215612.7
Thu, 24/06/20102:28 PM5:05 PMSlovakia v ItalyITV120673.621.8610410.7
2:28 PM5:05 PMSlovakia v ItalyITV1 HD1810.31.93690.6
2:28 PM5:04 PMParaguay v New ZealandITV41540.31.67221.3
7:23 PM9:35 PMDenmark v JapanBBC150178.822.61237821.7
7:23 PM9:35 PMDenmark v JapanBBC HD3570.61.68431.5
7:01 PM9:30 PMCameroon v HollandBBC36881.23.226634.7
Fri, 25/06/20102:51 PM4:53 PMPortugal v BrazilBBC136256.440694312.2
2:51 PM4:53 PMPortugal v BrazilBBC HD2530.42.84250.7
6:59 PM9:32 PMChile v SpainITV151028.926.11241021.7
6:59 PM9:32 PMChile v SpainITV1 HD4280.82.29021.6
6:59 PM9:32 PMSwitzerland v HondurasITV41830.30.911952.1
Sat, 26/06/20102:29 PM5:18 PMUruguay v South KoreaITV127084.727.8690112.1
2:29 PM5:18 PMUruguay v South KoreaITV1 HD2000.32.15090.9
6:44 PM10:17 PMUSA v GhanaITV154449.527.71387424.3
6:44 PM10:17 PMUSA v GhanaITV1 HD4890.92.511011.9
Sun, 27/06/20102:52 PM4:49 PMGermany v EnglandBBC11580727.773.41953834.2
2:52 PM4:49 PMGermany v EnglandBBC HD16442.97.618253.2
7:22 PM9:22 PMArgentina v MexicoBBC1632611.127.21265622.2
7:22 PM9:22 PMArgentina v MexicoBBC HD5100.92.210051.8
Mon, 28/06/20102:54 PM4:49 PMHolland v SlovakiaBBC123624.125.851869.1
2:54 PM4:49 PMHolland v SlovakiaBBC HD1640.31.83690.6
6:59 PM9:32 PMBrazil v ChileITV156709.925.71341823.5
6:59 PM9:32 PMBrazil v ChileITV1 HD3890.71.88441.5
Tue, 29/06/20102:30 PM5:59 PMParaguay v JapanITV123914.224.7784913.8
2:30 PM5:59 PMParaguay v JapanITV1 HD1520.31.64620.8
7:23 PM9:22 PMSpain v PortugalBBC1794113.935.81460525.6
7:23 PM9:22 PMSpain v PortugalBBC HD58612.610261.8
Fri, 02/07/20102:30 PM5:04 PMHolland v BrazilITV127104.725.5676511.8
2:30 PM5:04 PMHolland v BrazilITV1 HD3230.636761.2
6:59 PM10:33 PMUruguay v GhanaITV1636511.130.31496526.2
6:59 PM10:33 PMUruguay v GhanaITV1 HD6611.23.113812.4
Sat, 03/07/20102:52 PM4:48 PMArgentina v GermanyBBC1577410.145.3942016.5
2:52 PM4:48 PMArgentina v GermanyBBC HD4910.93.97671.3
7:21 PM9:21 PMParaguay v SpainBBC1667211.733.91246121.8
7:21 PM9:21 PMParaguay v SpainBBC HD6011.1310171.8
Tue, 06/07/20106:59 PM9:35 PMHolland v UruguayITV1822114.435.41645628.8
6:59 PM9:35 PMHolland v UruguayITV1 HD6681.22.912392.2
Wed, 07/07/20107:22 PM9:22 PMGermany v SpainBBC11048118.4431777131.1
7:22 PM9:22 PMGermany v SpainBBC HD9301.63.814812.6
Sat, 10/07/20107:00 PM9:33 PMUruguay v GermanyITV152879.326.51173720.6
7:00 PM9:33 PMUruguay v GermanyITV1 HD4220.72.19201.6
Sun, 11/07/20107:21 PM10:22 PMHolland v SpainBBC11343823.546.52200738.5
7:21 PM10:22 PMHolland v SpainBBC HD14372.5519393.4
6:29 PM10:34 PMHolland v SpainITV127874.910.3850714.9
6:29 PM10:34 PMHolland v SpainITV1 HD1690.30.64630.8

All data is consolidated. Source: BARB
The programme audiences are influenced by the programme times and some matches may include the pre and post match discussions rather than just the match itself.