BARB Briefing event: June 16th 2021

17 June 2021

Over 220 representatives of broadcasters, advertisers and media agencies attended BARB Briefing on June 16th 2021. The briefing was a forward-looking update on how BARB is adapting to the needs of the UK broadcasting and advertising industry. You can watch the full event above.

The event featured four guest speakers:

  • Veriça Djurdjevic of Channel 4 on how BARB data inform Channel 4’s windowing strategy.
  • Vicky Fox of OMD on how BARB’s emerging data on SVOD and video-sharing platforms will deliver critical new insight.
  • Ruth Cartwright of Sky Media on how BARB’s BVOD planner combines with CFlight to enable total TV planning and reporting.
  • Emma Moorhead of Wavemaker on how BARB data flow into Wavemaker’s proprietary planning tool.

You can also read the guest essays which form part of this year’s Viewing Report here.