TV since 1981


Barb publishes a new white paper, The SVOD Report: Charting the growth in SVOD services across the UK.
New channel BBC Scotland launches.
The first part of Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson & Me attracts 5.07 million viewers across TV sets and non-TV devices, with the second part attracting 4.05 million viewers across all devices.
Barb issues an invitation to tender for two of its major research contracts.
Line of Duty concludes with 12.14 million TV set viewers and a further 556k watching on non-TV devices, making it the most-watched drama of the year.
Barb commissions Kantar to install router meters into the Barb panel.
Almost 9 million people watch across TV sets and non-TV devices as the Lionesses’ bid to become Women’s World Cup winners ends, as they are defeated 2-1 by the USA in the semi-final. The tournament as a whole reaches 35.7 million individuals.
The Great British Bake Off premieres with 9.38 million viewers on TV sets and 237k on non-TV devices.
The final episode of Deep Water attracts 2.2m pre-broadcast viewers, making it one of the top pre-broadcast programmes of the year.
Close to 8 million people watch across TV sets and non-TV devices as England beat New Zealand in the first Rugby World Cup semi-final, winning them a place in the final.
Barb hosts Understanding Viewers in the 2020s, an event to give customers an insight into how viewing behaviour will evolve over the next decade and how Barb is preparing to stay at the forefront of measuring audiences.
Gavin & Stacey is the most-watched Christmas Day programme and the most-watched programme of the year, with 17.07 million TV set viewers and 848k non-TV device viewers.